Thursday, September 28, 2006

Middle of a Conversation

For those who are not regular readers: stumbling onto someone's blog is like entering the middle of a conversation. Sometimes you're totally lost, sometimes you can figure it out, and sometimes you just need to ask questions.

I pulled out the Dif and the Paper Tiger and attacked the wallpaper border in the kitchen. I got about 8 feet done. Borders are the absolute pits. My hands are killing me. Even with the Dif I have to literally scrape every piece off. More than once. In layers. This stupid border has been up there probably for more than 20 years. Why couldn't someone just have stencilled the darn wall? This is going to take me 3-4 days. Especially with the way my hands feel. Drat this getting older thing.

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Nancy in NY said...

Oh, I can comisserate! I'm slowly but surely removing all the wallpaper in this house and sheesh! I'm doing the powder room now...sounds easy, tiny room right? Aaargh, linig paper is up there with something like crazy glue. Don't even ask what was was under the paper in the dining room! Sigh* just letting you know there's someone else in the same situation who'd really rather be stitching! Nancy