Sunday, September 17, 2006

Laughing - I Got Sidetracked

Imagine me sidetracked. What a surprise.

Hmmm. Instead of the headboard on Friday I decided to continue with painting in the bedroom. I emptied one closet and then got stuck because I couldn't remove the doors. I admit to getting so frustrated I had to leave the house. LOL

Went to visit a store called Five Below. For anyone with college age kids who deserve care packages, this place is a mecca. Candy, socks, sports stuff, make-up, toys, Ipod accessories, etc. All under $5. Someone had clued me into the Fiskars paper trimmers for $5 and I've tried other trimmers, but like this one best. Mine needed replacing.

Yesterday DH removed closet doors for me from both closets. But I had a freaking migraine. Nearly all day.

Once it finally lifted, DS was at an interesting cross country meet - a cross country relay race that continues in the dark. Everyone runs 2,500 meters - 5 people to a team. He didn't get home until late. Which meant DH and I went out to dinner. Alone. Amazing. Tried Bonefish Grill for the first time. I liked it. And then we stopped by Kohl's to buy him a couple of new shirts and ties. Came home to switch back and forth between the Red Sox/Yankees and Army football vs. Texas A & M. Both teams I was rooting for lost, but they were good games.

Oh yeah. And UNH football. Awesome. 62-7. Let's go all the way!

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