Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One More Gallon

One more gallon of paint on the walls. Now my bedroom closets are painted (but not DH's - that's another day apparently.) It took an entire gallon to do inside and outside of both closets. I rehung one shelf and a closet rod and put together some Closet Maid stuff and got my clothes and shoes back inside the closet. Looks all nice and neat. It's only shoes and clothes. No real room for purses. Hmmm. May have to rethink this. Maybe they can go under the bed.

Today I need to organize the scrapbooking closet. This outta be fun. Tremendous potential to get sidetracked. Wish I had taken before pictures. I will still need to purchase some shelves as I didn't like what they had at Wally World.
And I am certain I don't need to purchase another piece of paper for crafting for a long time. (paper whore? who me?)

Meanwhile, I need to find directions for how to drive to RFK. We've got Nats tix for tonight. Kind of complicated because DS also has a cross-country meet. So how to get from point A to point B. Fun. Fun.

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