Thursday, October 22, 2009

Because You Miss This If I Didn't Highlight It

I got a comment on my post about Yvette's book on Ukrainian drawn Thread. Thank you for having a sense of humor. And looking back I see I attributed the nail choices to the wrong book. I am so sorry. I meant to post that comment about the Beginner's Guide to Bead Netting. My big mistake. I am putting on my dunce cap. (I was honestly impressed that the author hadn't had the acrylic nails thing done that so ladies used to do before appearing on the Carol Duvall Show. And then they would be fumbling around because they weren't used to the darn things.)

Hi, Yvette here, of the Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery book! Photos of my fingernails... There is ONE photo showing a portion of my thumbnail, which looks clean and neat... What more do you want? Sparkly nail-polish?!! :-D (said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.)

Glad you like the book.


And I love the book. And I have Yvette's Hardanger book, too, which is also terrific.

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