Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ding Dong

Because my doorbell rings so infrequently, I can usually state with certainty who has rung it. Sometimes I choose to answer. Sometimes I ignore it.Take yesterday.

I was fresh from the shower and trying on some new tops I had purchased the evening before at Coldwater Creek when the doorbell ding donged.

Wet hair. Tank top. Not tank top weather. But I made that good guess that this was the postal carrier dropping off a package from

Yuppers. Went back upstairs to change into something with sleeves. And I finished the other task I was doing which was cleaning.

Then went downstairs to sit with my box and peruse my new treasures.

Specifically - Jane Nicholas' Medieval Flora Stumpwork. (Side note - I am amazed that this woman has her own website, yet her new book isn't on it. I had to grab this link from the publisher.) This book is a treat for stumpwork lovers. There are less than a dozen designs, but the detailed instructions for each piece run many pages. I love how she breaks down the process.

Also finally gave in and bought a copy of Trish Burr's Crewel and Surface Embroidery. I've been watching a friend work her way through this book as she is stitching pieces for each of her grandchildren. Figured it was time to invest in this one given my new found appreciation for crewel.

And finally - 19th Century Embroidery Techniques by Gail Marsh. I admit to buying this one without looking at it. I've examined her 18th century book and thought this one might have some interesting stuff. I've only glanced through it briefly, but don't think I'll regret the purchase.

After all that fun...the doorbell dinged again! This time I wasn't expecting anyone and decided to ignore it. Then remembered I had placed an order with Nordic Needle last week. And sure enough I heard the UPS truck leaving the neighborhood. Grabbed my package from the steps and left it on the sofa. Dashed off to do errands.

Who knew I was this good at delaying gratification?

Came home. Unpacked a few groceries. Took out the trash. Thought maybe I'd sit and stitch when I remembered I had a box to open!

This one was a treasure trove of bargains. I bought the Hardanger tote pack - a bag, books, threads and needles for $9.99. An assortment of huck fabric. A huck ornament kit. A punchneedle pattern. A tiny needlepoint kit. Some threads. A 1/2 yard of Hardanger fabric. And two more books.

Yvette Stanton's Ukranian Drawn Thread. Wow. Does this book have some detailed photos. If you're a visual learner, this is wonderful. I'm not sure if I should give her props for not getting a manicure before the photo shoots or I should complain.

edit: On October 22, I apologized to Yvette. I had the wrong book for the manicure comments. I'm sure her nails are lovely.

And The Beginner's Guide to Bead Netting by Madeleine Rollason. Ooh the pretty and shiny things.

All this fun and a good program on PBS, too. Craft in America. This is apparently season two. How did I miss season one? I guess my four local stations didn't show it. Loved the piece on Jugtown Pottery. Loved the beader. But what was up with that ugly blown glass stuff? Look for this series on your local stations. And check out the website. Seems to have all sorts of links.


Yvette said...

Hi, Yvette here, of the Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery book! Photos of my fingernails... There is ONE photo showing a portion of my thumbnail, which looks clean and neat... What more do you want? Sparkly nail-polish?!! :-D (said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.)

Glad you like the book.


Donna said...

Glad you have a sense of humor! LOL