Monday, October 19, 2009

Some New Acquisitions

I picked these up last week at EGA Chapter meeting on the Ways and Means table.
This first one could be a sweet little thing. I'm thinking this is a cheap way for me to experiment on hand-painted canvas.


This one is the monster of the deep. This is an old-fashioned European penelope canvas whose size is approximately 2 feet by 4 feet. Will I ever actually stitch it? I don't know. I just felt called to rescue it.

The Geisha could be pretty cool. But I think I have kimono canvas in my stash that needs to be stitched first.

Sorry these last two are sideways. I forgot to reorient them before uploading them. My daughter will recognize this one as a tiger that is similar to her mink blanket.

And lastly. Tucked into one of these canvases so that I didn't even find it until I got home was a plastic bag. It contained a bottle of red ink that is one-third evaporated. An ink pad that's never been used. A set of instructions. A holder. And a alphabet sheet of rubber stamps also unused where the letters are formed by x's. According to the instructions you were supposed to stamp the letters on fabric to create designs to cross stitch. They look to be about 10 x's to the inch. These will be fabulous for making cards, 'cause there is no way in hell that I'm making my own stamped fabric for cross stitch!


Coni said...

WoW! What a jackpot of treasures!

The stamping kit is pretty cool, but I agree that it would be much more fun to use on paper stock than on fabric. I bet you come up with something FABulous!

C in DC said...

Ooooo. Love the Merry Christmas wildlife. I'm also jealous of the cross-stitch stamps. What a find.