Thursday, October 22, 2009

Egg on My Face

So I'm happy that Yvette found my post. And I feel stupid for getting it wrong. Now watch the other author come and find me...

Now I'm all flustered, but will attempt to move forward this morning.

Yesterday was a Tour and Tea at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. I had a wonderful time with a group from the Washington D.C. EGA Chapter. I've taken several tours at the Cathedral - the highlights, the behind-the scenes tour, the stained glass tour. I did not do the go up in the towers tour because of my fear of heights, but my family did.

I hated hearing the tour guide say that the needlepoint in the Cathedral is the one thing that is not done by skilled craftsmen. Sigh. I think they should say that it's done by volunteers, not paid craftsmen. We learned that they don't toss away gifts so when they decided to redo the seat cushions in the Children's Chapel, they recycled some of those cushions for the boys in the Boys and Men's Chorus. The work that is no longer on display or being used is stored away.

The tea part of the tour was wonderful. We were up on the 7th floor with pots and pots of tea and lovely dainties for nibbling. Terrific views on a nice sunny day, too.

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