Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Got Nothing

Sometimes I just can't think of a title...

Got up early and did the return college boy to school. And traffic was blessedly light on I-95 heading into D.C. so I got my EGA meeting with oodles of time to spare. Today was a demonstration by Betsy Morgan of finishing techniques. No links as Betsy doesn't have a website. But I finished her Nantucket Morning Glory basket a few months back.

She had the wonderful let's make 4 color cording with a battery powered thingy from Lacis. If you've never been to the Lacis website, run over there right now. I guarantee that there are things there that you don't even know you want. Yet. And I promise myself from here on to practice due diligence with cording and tassels. No more slap dash it together.

Yeah. I bought some handpainted canvases at the Ways and Means table. Including a monster of a penelope canvas. Not sure if I really wanted to stitch it or I just wanted to contemplate it. Either way. It's mine now. When the sun decides to shine again here in Virginia, I'll take a photo. (I hear this may be many days from now. Sigh.)


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

A class with Betsy Morgan!? I am JEALOUS. That woman can embroider! And her stumpwork embroidery boxes are to die for.

I'm glad someone can take classes, even if it's not me.

Jane, waving from the middle of nowhere

Bonnie said...

Hi Donna! Where was the photo taken that is in this post?

Donna said...

Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond.
I was a week late commemorating the 150 anniversary of his death, on October 7th.