Friday, October 16, 2009

Still Raining

And cold. But at least it's not snow. I don't know what people would do here in northern Virgina if it snowed in October. Maybe assume it was a sign of the apocalypse?

I still haven't taken photos as I am still waiting for the sun to shine. But I found something new that is old and very interesting.

I put in more background on my peony canvas last night. And replaced my awful color choice on Catherine Agnes yesterday. It definitely looks better. Now back to practicing my detached buttonhole. Decided I need magnification on this stitch in order to meet my expectations.

And had fun running around Michaels yesterday finding embellishments for my bra to purse class. I'm excited. I found a black bra with pink trim on sale at JCPenneys - 40DD - definitely wouldn't fit me. I'd have to use socks or tissues to pad that one. As per the teacher's recommendation I'd been haunting the clearance rack at Kohl's but the colors were boring. They were great colors if I wanted to wear it, not turn it into a purse.

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Sarah said...

When I was in high school back in the late '70's we had a blizzard on October 5th. It was indeed as though the end was on our doorstep!