Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tudor Rose Finish

Haven't found my battery charger yet, but I scanned my finished crewel piece for you.

I had fun stitching this. And will continue to pull those crewel pieces out of my stash. I didn't get the wrapped buttonhole exactly right. Didn't have enough room to do 10-12 wraps. But I made friends with the coral stitch so that's a plus.


Anna van Schurman said...

Lovely! Brings me waaaaaaaaay back. Crewel was my first foray into needlearts. I know I'm too young for this to be true, but it was the 70s.

Coni said...

Holey Schmoley, but that's gorgeous! You're inspiring me to add more crewel to my line-up.

Do you know Wool & Hoop? The owner, Katherine, is swell and they have some really fun stuff!

lewmew said...

Beautiful and a reminder of why I love surface work so much!


Mystical Minx said...

This is gorgeous. I think I should learn how to do crewel work.