Friday, October 23, 2009

Stitching Away

Well. It's been quite a week. In the past two months I've enjoyed listening to friends' accounts of their wonderful times at both ANG and EGA national seminars. Just a tad jealous, I am. But it was my choice not to spend my stitching $$$ on seminar this year.

But it seems I have unintentionally created quite a stitching week for myself. Maybe my subconscious was trying to give me a treat. Or maybe I just never really look at my calendar after write things on it.

Submitted for your examination my schedule:

Saturday the 17th - Bra bag class through EGA chapter at G Street Fabrics

Tuesday the 20th - evening stitch-in at the library

Wednesday the 21st - Needlepoint Tour and Tea at the National Cathedral arranged through EGA chapter

Wednesday the 21st - Stitch-in Public at Panera through other EGA Chapter

Thursday the 22nd - regular Thursday morning stitch-in

Friday the 23rd - Smart Days in Culpeper with MAR (regional EGA event)
First we have a class with Michael Boren

Saturday and Sunday - regional meeting and a class with Kimberly Servello - this project will be quite impressive if I can finish it


All that stitching with others time this week paid off and I finished my Spring Peony blossoms canvas. (Yeah. Photo soon...) And the reason I finished it, was I needed some mindless don't need to count or concentrate too much work while chatting.

I'm off to sort and pack for the weekend. Yahooooo!

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lewmew said...

I am so jealous that you have all these opportunities!