Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Heat Is On

Drat it all. Summer is apparently over. I am unhappy with the falling temperature and worse, declining amount of sunlight. A predicted high of 49 later in the week.

I realize some of you have it much worse. I'm just in the mood to complain.

I have made one final attempt to fix my problems with my Catherine Agnes sampler. The problems are all of my making. And they have to do with color. I believe the last time I seriously attempted to fix my color choices was spring of 2008. So this piece has been sitting in its box along with what I thought might be a possible solution. Turns out my possible solution was worse than my original problem. No. No. No.

That meant out came the box of silks and let's try this again. I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking, but I started to change everything - totally ignoring the work I've already produced on this piece. I came up with a completely new palette. Took me nearly one hour. And then I decided that was all crap. What am I doing? I just need to replace this one variegated yellow/orange that doesn't work. Totally loved the shop owner on Friday who told me that was her favorite color of what I'd already stitched. At this point she backed off when she realized how much I didn't like it. Stopped by another shop on Saturday. Still did not find exactly what I need. Didn't see anything online either. Which brought me back to dyeing my own color. Which I don't really want to do.

I started to unpick what doesn't work for me. And left a possible solution in the box. Now in the clearer light of day I need to go evaluate it. This whole thing might just get put back in the top of the closet. We'll see.

Meanwhile, busy week. Chapter meeting. Board meeting. A class on turning a bra into a purse. There is fun in the future even if I still am having a love/hate with Catherine Agnes.

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C in DC said...

Sorry about your yellow/orange problem. How frustrating.

Yes, it's gotten chilly. DH and I have been discussing lighting the pilot light this weekend. Fortunately, the girls room has its own separate electric heater.