Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All White

No sense in trying to take photos out there. It's just white outside.

I'm sure the world is tired of our weather updates. But damn. This is just too much snow.

In an attempt to regain my sense of humor yesterday, I continued some experiments with dyeing silk threads. On the first day - Monday - I cut several lengths of white Splendor silk and found that I have the colors that I want. On Tuesday when I used the stuff to set the dye, the areas that I had left white, took on a tinge of color.

Next step - how to keep the white white?

I do believe I chose the wrong way to keep the white white. But didn't realize it until after I did it.

Now I am out of silk. And with the current conditions, will not be able to reach a needlework store until some time next week.

Will set the dye today on what I did yesterday. I might be able to salvage things. Like I said, this is an experiment. Not expecting 100% success right out of the box. Also used some small pieces of fabric to soak up the leftover dye. No sense wasting things.

1 comment:

Sara Leigh said...

I'd like to see both the floss and the fabric. Bring it with you next Thursday, provided there is a next Thursday.