Friday, February 05, 2010

The Snow Has Started

I am as prepared as I can be. Cell phone's charged. Gas tank is full. Got batteries, candles, and enough food to feed the boys. And the cats.

But really. Why is it necessary to bring us another two feet of snow? Haven't we had enough? And where are we going to put it?

I'm done whining. We'll deal with it.

Time to return to UFOs.

This is "Mystic" by one of our local designers, Ruth Dilts. If you check out her newest additions page, you can see the original colorway. I took the class for this piece late last spring.

I like the original colors, but at the time I took this class, I just needed something different. My first thoughts were to attempt this in black and red. But I had a horrendous time trying to find threads that would work. I eventually compromised and went with red and silvery gray. This would be a fairly quick finish, if I would just sit down and do it. Love the design. And one of these days, I will finish this one.

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Hope you survive the snow.

Black and Red is an attractive combination. I hope to finish this project this year.