Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Valentine's Day Thoughts

At my house we tend to agree to not celebrate this "holiday." It's a non-holiday. Hyped by card manufacturer's, florists, and candy makers.

I say if you can't show me you love every day of the year, remembering on one day, is not going to make things better.

But DH bought me a card anyway. And in return I made him chicken soup. Good trade off, I say.

Really - doesn't seem to you that the marketing of VD day has reached outrageous proportions?

At our house VD day gets lost stuck in between my birthday and son's birthday. That's right. Today my boy turns 21! We've done our job. Successfully parented two people to the age of legality. After hugs and congratulations, I made him breakfast and off he went to work. Then the HAVC guy returned heat to our household (was a lovely 59 degrees downstairs this morning) and I was able to take a shower. After a quick posting here, I'm off to the grocery store. Then it will time to bake a cake! And then I can sit down again and finish the backstitching on my great blue heron which is getting closer and closer to the end.

In the spirit of love, yesterday, I did kit up a needlepoint canvas that says "ravish me." I think it will make a lovely pillow in the bed room.


Sara Leigh said...

What colors and threads did you choose? I haven't decided on mine yet. Tell Alex happy birthday!

Donna said...

Blue and white. May add more.