Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not a Total Waste of Time

This morning was my appointment at the Toyota dealer to fix my "car of death." We love our Avalon. I hate taking her in for surgery. But now if something does go wrong with the accelerator, I will have confirmation that it isn't the mechanical fix they said it was. No comment about the Congressional testimony going on today.

Let's just say that we bought a brand new Audi 4000s in 1985. A few years down the road when the Audi 5000 had problems, it besmirched all Audis. Our car's resale value plummeted. And I'm afraid the exact same thing is going to happen to our Toyota. Color me disappointed.


In other news. Nothing. I'm teaching a class tomorrow. Will report after that! This was the not a total waste of time as I sat and stitched another piece for the class demo.

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