Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photos as Promised! Plus More!

The day after I finished my heron (don't worry - photo at bottom of post!), I started this canvas. These were my original colors the idea behind them to make a pillow for my bedroom.

But as you can see, this canvas cried out for red!

First - a huge thank you to my friend who is downsizing. This is a handpainted canvas by Erin Cross. I had five spools of this Kreinik red for another project whose colors got changed. Thus, the lettering. The border is now a combination of Very Velvet Petit, Needle Necessities, and DMC perle #3. I might add sparkle to the border. Just waiting for more progress before committing. The background will be white perle cotton.

I was joking that I should make a back for this pillow that says "Not Tonight!"

I don't know if it was the Valentine's Day influence or something else. But this pillow just didn't want to be blue. It wanted to be red.

Next up!

A Finish!

My Great Blue Heron. I have finished one of my UFOs! That feels great!

Lastly. This was featured in my blog back in 2005 when I thought I had finished it. There is a huge mistake. That my son pointed out to me after framing. I have finally removed it from the frame in order to fix my mistake. And then will contemplate how to reframe it with my DH's medals.

Identify the mistake in the Peace Eagle. Just leave a comment and I will be sending someone a fabulous little giveaway!


Linda said...

It looks like the bottom of the Eagle isn't centered on the bottom of the border. Is that the mistake?

C Michael said...

I dunno - is it that stripe of red that seems to be just two rows doesn't follow the pattern of the rest of the colors.

This is just a math teacher talking, though, not a stitcher.

Teresa S. said...

I love this eagle (is that what it is?) But you forgot to fill in the empty space on the left wing to match the right wing! Still love it though :)

Sara Leigh said...

Love the colors for the pillow! I was looking at my ravishing canvas last night, trying to think how to do it. I still don't know, but red-red just doesn't work with my bedroom colors; although my douvet cover is a dark red silk now that I think about it. I just always think of the nice yellow walls. Something that goes with both will come to mind eventually, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

LOL - the upper RHS - you left off the yellow sort of circle top. And, remember - you actually didn't tell me what the error was.

LMK if you need help with the reframing.

E - avoiding stitching at the moment

Kelly said...

You had me stumped. The lacy portion of the wing on the right is filled in and the one on the left is blank. I stared at it for several minutes to spot it. I know how it feels to have something finished and not be happy with it for years.

Kelly E in PA

Kreinikgirl said...

Absolutely fabulous pillow. Love how you are using your stash too. Too fun.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for posting the heron photo. Love it!