Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Purchases and Progress

London is a veritable shoppers' paradise, especially if you have $$$. I practiced restraint. First up we have my selection from the bookshop at the V & A. (And no - Cheryl - I didn't get to the Tower of London. One of the places we decided to skip due to lack of time.)

Yes. I would have spent less on Amazon. But I've got it now. And it's not released here for another two weeks. "Samplers" by Rebecca Scott. Review later when I've got all my wits about me.

From Liberty - with DH's input I chose the Hampton Court Jane Greenoff kit. Was a toss up. I had four of these kits in my hand, when we decided to go a different way.

This would be the different way - a Beth Russell needlepoint kit of a William de Morgan tile. Turns out our friends, whom we stayed with for 3 days, live around the corner from the "Peacock House" which is covered in William de Morgan tiles. Inside and out. For all who are interested you can see photos here. I didn't stop to take pictures as we were on the way to the airport. Hubby bought this kit for me as an early birthday present. For which I am extremely grateful.

Evidence of stitching on airplane! My Great Blue Heron. For Bonnie - here's the designer info - Designs by Kathy. I bought mine at Everything Cross Stitch in Fredericksburg.

How it is today: another 4 or so inches of snow. More on the way this weekend. It's that picture perfect snow that frosts everything with snowy icing. Started my day with shoveling. How about you?

What Elvis thinks of the snow. Couldn't care less. Oh to be a cat in a nice home.


Bonnie said...

Thanks for the info re: the blue heron. Will have to keep my eyes open for this. I'm sure by the time I get back to Virginia you will have Hampton Court done.

Anna van Schurman said...

I did do some shoveling to scrape that one inch of snow off the sidewalk because it was getting slippy. But now we don't have any snow any more. Poor Stella. She cares a lot about snow, but likes it in heaps and drifts. (Definitely a cold weather dog.)

Sara Leigh said...

Elvis seems very smart. I didn't have to shovel; the sun melted clean the walks and roads.