Sunday, March 21, 2010


I brought the laptop to Fredericksburg, but haven't been updating my blog. My apologies. I've only had a tiny bit of free time and thus far have only managed quick updates on facebook.

Time for a photoless recap of the weekend.

I was traveling with a friend and we both found it quite interesting that on our way down, we were came upon a sheriff and a state trooper who stopped the traffic right in front of us. They got out their cars and started talking. Cars soon stacked up behind us. And we sat there trying to figure out exactly what was going on when I remembered that Pres. Obama was speaking at GMU. We sat there for 20 minutes or so. And then they got back in their cars and away we went. Arrived in the Fred and stopped for BBQ at Allman's on Route 1. The amount of work that has been accomplished on the new construction for UMW is impressive. Haven't been back here since picking up DS from school in December.

Drove downtown and first stop was a favorite used bookstore, Riverby. Found a V & A book on Greek embroidery and Piecework magazine's book, "Stitching a Legacy." Called a friend who had arrived earlier than us and amazingly she was in the cross stitch store across the street. And so were some other friends from our guild. Reunion time. And sharing of what everyone's purchasing. More and more EGA attendees were showing up and I'm sure Celeste of Everything Cross Stitch has had quite a weekend.

Thus starts the beginning. I'm off to breakfast now. And the rest must wait till tonight or tomorrow.

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