Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Stars Post #1

On Sunday the group of stitchers that are all starting Stars met. I started stitching the outside box in the upper left hand corner after counting and basting. I did not draw my lines.

I got the box in and started working my B-1 which is my case is a blue silk by Splendor for the inner border. Well, somehow that thread that seemed to work so perfectly when matched with the other fibers, looked just a tiny bit teal.

So yesterday I changed my B-1. Found a slightly different blue Splendor that I am hoping will work.


Given the chance to think about this after putting in that first corner, I have decided to replace my set of D threads. No longer icy blue/gray. Now they are black. I think that's the only accent color that will work with my blue/brown/white scheme.

So everything I have stitched, which thankfully isn't much, is coming out and I am starting over.

Who's surprised? Not me.

I also made a decision about my overdyed thread. Given the massive fail of my last bout of dyeing, I have decided to fake my overdyed in the border. Thus the purchase of a blue, a black, a brown, and a white silk. Where I need the overdyed in the motifs, I will use the blue/brown silks I have dyed. Because I had to cut these at 12" I am not going to use them in the border. That would just lead to too much painful starting and stopping of threads.

But this will have to wait for a few days at least. I need work on my mystery stitching as Friday is my deadline. Though I have to say that Stars is singing a siren song in my head. Apparently my brain really, really wants to know if my new colors are going to work.

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