Monday, March 29, 2010

Stumpwork Dreams

In more not happy news, Carriage House has announced that the business is closing. Read Kathy's post here. Bummer.

Yesterday we had our first meeting of our intrepid little group of stumpwork stitchers. Our Region offered Luan Callery's GCC, "Summer Dream" and some of us took them up on the offer. I also have the companion piece to this, "Fantasy Remembered" and am looking forward to these projects. There are five of us in our chapter and three have either worked on or finished "Fantasy."

The directions appear to be extremely well-written. Now I need to go find batiste and fibers. I've got everything else.

After the meeting I came home and drew in all my lines on Stars. I feel better now. And made the ultimate decision to remove the inner border and restitch it with one more strand. Three just doesn't seem right to me. This means I will have stitched the beginning of this border five times. Let's hope this is finally right.

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Bonnie said...

How sad it makes me to read about Carriage House. Another designer getting out of the business. Does it say anything about the craft itself?