Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The View from Tuesday

I feel guilty. I woke up this morning knowing the sun would shining today - finally - and that the last of the snow would melt away with temperatures projected into the 60s. But meanwhile I've been watching videos my sister has been posting from NH in the past two days. Hard to believe the pounding that area is taking. Again. Of course, my sister feels pretty darn fearless in her truck and had been out taking pictures of the flooding, locally in town, and then drove to the beach to take in the awesome power of the ocean.

I'm realistic. I know my hometown is located on a river which is why the town is there. I'm certain no one who lives on River Street is surprised that flooding sometimes happens. But several times in one year? For a couple of years in a row? Yikes.

Had a tremendously fun time yesterday being a docent at Woodlawn. I think this was even more fun than being a demonstrator. The age range of entrants this year spans ninety years! There is a junior piece by a three year old and a canvas piece by a ninety-three year old. That's incredible.

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