Friday, March 26, 2010

Warning: Crafty Advice Ahead

The Wiki How-to-of-the-Day? How to choose a craft project!!!

(Obviously not meant for me. My comments in parenthesis.)

Step 1 - Have a purpose in mind (Really? Not just because you want to?)
Step 2 - Have an audience in mind (My audience is me!)
Step 3 - Experiment and invent (Always when necessary.)
Step 4 - Browse around and be on the lookout for inspiration (Always - can't stop if I wanted to. And I don't  want to.)
Step 5 - Show your crafts to others (Ah. Show and Tell. What a great game.)
Step 6 - Start small (Except when you need to start large.)
Step 7 - Read the directions (Directions? I thought those were suggestions.)
Step 8 - Think it through or sketch it out on paper (Rarely. I'm working on this one.)
Step 9 - Make a sample (Or a sampler.)
Step 10 - Start in your stash or even your scrap bin - not in craft store. (Finally some good advice.)
Step 11 - Obtain any new tools or supplies you need (Oh you can certain I'll do this.)
Step 12 - Begin the project and be persistent

Okay. The last one reminds me of how Eileen Bennett signed my "Little Green Acorns" pattern - "Finish It & Enjoy!)

Which somehow struck me as very funny. Though I suppose a finish is a finish regardless of how long it takes. At least she didn't write "Finish It Soon & Enjoy!)

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