Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No. Really. The Final Post on the Weekend

After an afternoon of antiquing in Fredericksburg, we returned to the hotel to try to ease our feet and legs in the hot tub. Of course, those preteens were pretty darn loud in the pool. Fortunately it eventually was suppertime for them and off they went and we had the pool to ourselves. Since we'd eaten lunch so late and weren't hungry, we decided to brave the crowded room and attend the MAR meeting. I'm slowly putting together names and faces as this was my second regional event. It would have helped if the Board Officers had worn name tags. Just a suggestion, ladies.

Grabbed another friend and went out for a late dinner at a very loud place.

And returned back to the hotel and killed time on the 'net. I should have gone to sleep, but for some reason wasn't sleepy. But also wasn't coherent enough for stitching. Oh well. That's what lots of coffee is for in the morning. But it also left me with a headache in the morning. (Honestly. No real drinking involved. Just a beer with dinner.)

Checked out of the hotel and took my stitching basket to the chairs in front of the fireplace and stitched while chatting with friends until it was time for our 12:30 class.

My last class was with Nan Tyson Euler - her "Strawberry Needle Roll" which is a pincushion with a side piece attached for storing your needles. Pins go in the pincushion. This essentially was a design class. We never picked up a needle. But I've got a design that is pleasing to me and just need to change my threads. Original was stitched with Pearsall's silks, but good luck finding those here in the USA. And they are not integral to the design. Any threads will do.

After class we rushed home as best we could so I could drive DH to the airport. At 9:45 that evening you might have been able to find my son and I standing in the kitchen making up a new dish (for us) that started with applewood smoked bacon, included sauteed onions, cabbage, apples, and juniper berries served on egg noodles. That was yummy.

I leave you with three random photos from the Tapestry. I honestly didn't look before I grabbed them.


Teresa S. said...

Oh, you got a picture of the bald eagle on the tapestry (and a skunk, too). Pretty good for not planning the pictures!
Sounds like you had a great time-

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I loved all the Weekend posts. It sounds like a wonderful time, the sort of time out that we all need occasionally.