Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stashing Once Again

Okay. I stayed out of needlework stores for an entire ten days. That may not seem like much to some of you who live far away from your local LNS. But I came back from Regional Seminar with a few things I needed and I'm amazed that I didn't go shop last week.

This means that Blueberry Torte is completely kitted. And Rainforest Crunch only needs one skein of Watercolours - #273 - Blonde - to be completely kitted.

For the Nan Euler class - Strawberry Needle Roll - I wanted threads to compliment a Glorianna silk that I had in green. When I picked three other colors they amazingly were all on my list for kitting up another Pam Darney piece. I didn't get all the Glorianna I needed for sampler, but the three remaining colors are on order.

Also picked up two skeins of Threadworx that I think will compliment some lime green Aida I have for making bookmarks for Stitching for Literacy. Now if only I can relocate that little robot pattern I found online. Maybe I saved it on the laptop because I don't see it here on the desktop.

All for now. While the sun is out (according to the weather this morning, it shouldn't be) I'm going to go stitch.

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Bonnie said...

Hope you made great stitching progress today. Remember, after I get back we need to plan a roadtrip to the Stitching Post.