Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Start and Stars #4 - Color Changes

This is my start on Sunday of Sekas & Co.'s Shamrock Heart. The green is a really bright emerald green. The gold floss is an Olde Willow that was just hanging out in my stash. In fact, I think it was my only Olde Willow. And the gold is what was called for, just in a smaller size. I'm a demo person at Woodlawn tomorrow and may bring my Shamrock with me to work on. It's supposed to be cloudy/rainy tomorrow and I'm not sure if the light will be good enough for me to work on an anything smaller count.

One quick trip to Needlewoman East (Okay. There was nothing at all quick about it.)and I have a new colorway for Stars. This is based on Waterlilies "Meadow." No more JL Walsh silk available. And it may never be again. Who knows? I've got some Trio and hope to be able to make that work for me.

The colors are pink, blue, taupe and green and are based on this photo. I went with the blue/pink/green thing in mind and managed to make it work.

Having restarted this, I can now see the error of my ways on the not drawing on the canvas. My block is the upper left block - piece is photographed upside down. And the Fern stitch, in blue, is supposed to go all the way around the piece in a certain direction. Which means, I need to count down to the bottom left block and work my way up from there because that's the direction the stitch should be moving in. I know I don't want to be stitching the Fern stitch with Splendor coming up in dirty holes, thus the counting is the only viable solution. If this is the only problem created by my basting and not choosing to draw, I can live with it.


C in DC said...

OOOOoooo. Love the new colors and the inspiration for choosing them. Can't wait to see the cherry blossoms in a few weeks.

Teresa S. said...

Really liking the new colors! Have a good time at Woodlawn. :)

Sara Leigh said...

Love this new colorway! You've really matched your inspiration photo well.

Odette said...

I think the new colours are stunning, different. also love the picture of the cherry blossom. Can't wait to see more! I think I must the Stars as well.