Monday, March 01, 2010

March First

I'm fairly certain that there are very few people living anywhere near me who are sorry to see February in the rear view mirror. Only 28 days? And it lasted sooooo long. Even I, a perennial February lover, will admit having no sorrow this year for its passing.

Thus we move on. Last March - I started some new projects and finished two of them. Worked on some old things. Bought our new Avalon. DD came home for spring break and brought friends with her. Visited West Point. Photo of Hudson River from the boathouse at West Point. It was some cold that day and the wind was frenzied.

The dyeing. WFT? Yesterday I decided to dye a single skein of Splendor and something happened that hasn't happened yet in my dyeing adventures.

First I painted on the brown dye with a brush. Then the blue dye. Just like I had in the past. When I returned home last evening and took at look at this skein, the blue had migrated into the brown and totally covered it. Dye fail.

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