Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Very Fine Place to Start

Actually. Not a very fine place to start.

I have obviously eaten something that I shouldn't have. Mild case of food poisoning. Yesterday I did not leave the house. Today hasn't begun so well either. Stomach says hungry, intestines say don't eat. I think I know who to listen to...could it have been the bread pudding? Glad I only took a couple of bites.

Here is another WIP. I haven't posted any of these since the beginning of February and my notebook has migrated to my stitching bag, so I am unsure exactly what number this is. Somewhere around #30 I suspect. Will try to make a true count sometime this week. Obviously I like color! Hardanger isn't all white for me. The fabric is a Crossed Wing overdye. 

I did make some true progress yesterday on my Stars. And I have taken to humming the Japanese "Sakura" song under my breath while stitching. The colors perfectly capture my photo of the cherry blossoms and some how it seems fitting because that's all I'm hearing on the TV right now.

Progress on my "Little Green Acorns." I'm finished through Area #7. Squirrel still looks like a Kangaroo Rat to me. LOL

My colors for Luan Callery's "Summer Dream." All colors are the same except the Watercolours. Instead of Peach Sherbet, I am using Lilac. I have everything except the batiste and one other color of beads.

So that's all for today. Will be staying close to home again today. And hope that tomorrow's better.


Teresa S. said...

Your colors on Stars are working nice. I am watching with interest because I have this one in my stash. :)

Sara Leigh said...

I like your new colorway for Stars! Definitely cherry blossoms. I hope you'll be feeling well enough to come to the stitching group in the morning.