Thursday, January 06, 2011

CJC - Day VI

I think some of you are a little bit interested in my idea about cutting back computer time. 

Well, this morning I went fairly close to cold turkey. I got on for all of 10 minutes. That was it. I altered my usual schedule by going upstairs to stitch instead of downstairs to catch up on blogs and facebook and e-mail. 

Okay. I think if I do this often enough I can make it a habit? Maybe I should just call today a success and after that we'll see what happens. I'm here now for maybe another 20 minutes because my hubby will be calling for his ride home from the Park n Ride soon. 

While upstairs in my new studio space, I started my Day VI project. Only problem is that once I got to Thursday morning stitching and continued stitching on it, I found the two sides didn't meet. I put it back in my bag and will get back to it tonight. No photo till tomorrow. 

At stitching group I worked on my bottom border of my mystery sampler. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow and think I've decided to make it a bellpull instead of having it framed.

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