Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day XII

I could post a photo, but again it's rather ridiculous. I put in exactly 14 stitches on yesterday's start. 

Where was I? I just put some French bread in the oven. Having a dinner guest tonight.

Ah, yes. Day XII is a Little House piece called Necessities. It's kind of stupid that that's as far as I got. How did so much of yesterday slip away from me?

EGA meeting canceled. Good thing I went back to newsletter to review the policy before leaving the house. But since I was dressed and ready to travel, I left the house anyway. Stopped by Goodwill where I scored a lovely green pail to use as a waste basket and a black page holder to use beside my stitching chair for holding my chart. I continued on searching refills for one of my paper adhesive appliers and struck out at two different places. Also solved my paper work space problem. I was planning on using our card table, but it's rather large. Instead I found an oversized tray table and I'm hoping it's stable enough. I can use it in conjunction with my old oak student desk and it hardly takes up any room when folded up behind the door. Also bought a cheapo area rug for color. What I didn't get was shelving. I guess that's another day.

What I really think when I'm sitting in my stitching chair admiring my new surroundings is that I have a lot of crap. And I need to pass along/discard some of it! Fortunately it looks as if my other guild is going to have a stash sale this summer. I'm not looking to make money. I just want to pass stuff along to someone who might find it useful. I've got everything in the room that belongs here except my three bins of yarn and they aren't welcome until something else leaves!

and that's my rambling for the morning. Must go organize a project for today. House is clean, but I still need to visit the grocery store after stitching group. At least the bread will be finished soon. But I'll still have a lot to do this afternoon - chicken saltimbocca, artichokes provencal, creamy dijon leeks, and bread pudding.

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