Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Darn Cold

I've got to say that this cold is really a pain in the ass. 

I'm not able to accomplish anything. Not really sleeping. No energy. Frustratingly not doing anything. 

Oh well. I'm hoping by Saturday things will be on the true upswing. 

Wendy asked how I'm handling my canvas for American Beauty. 

She's right - it's a nice large 18" by 18."

I have not yet tried it without a stand. It fits in my table stand and that's how I've started it. I turned it upside and started on what should the top right, but as I am stitching, it's the bottom left. Thus far I've only used two different stitches - the reverse Scotch and Smyrnas. I just turn the chart upside down. And on the stitches that might matter, I'll turn the stitch diagrams upside down, too. I'll probably be moving it to my floor stand upstairs eventually. But right now, while I'm feeling poorly, I'll leave it here in the dining/living room area and try to put a thread or two a day. 

BTW, this is a perfect piece for counters - 2916 four x four squares. Which means I'm about 1% finished!

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