Friday, January 28, 2011

I Have Recovered, Sort Of

I spent yesterday trying to forget the ordeal of the day before. Wasn't entirely successful as there is all this white stuff out there to remind me. I did my part of the snow removal early in the morning. Took a little hike around the neighborhood to take some photos. Came home and did some stitching on my Day VI project. Did some housework. Wasted some time on the computer. 

This morning I'm making the cookies I should have made yesterday. And some meatballs. See - I'm leaving this afternoon for a weekend retreat with friends while we all work on Stars. The cookies I'm taking with me. The meatballs are for my hubby who as we speak is somewhere over the Atlantic flying home from London. 

Look for a weekend post on Monday!


RuthB said...

Have fun at your retreat (Not like you need to be told to do that), and forget all about the Day of snowy-bad-driver infamy.

C in DC said...

Hope your DH gets home safely, too.

Karen said...

Wednesday night was truly awful!

Have fun at the retreat and relax, relax, relax.