Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crazy January Day II Update

Okay. It's a finish. Only took two days to do this one - January 2nd and yesterday. 

And yesterday is a day that I would like to forget. 

Three and half hours to drive the eight miles home. 

Drivers here need to learn not to block the box. If there is no room for you to clear an intersection, do not enter it!

BTW, most of that time was spent one the last mile and a half. I was reduced to eating snow off my roof. Thirsty, hungry, cranky. And horribly unhappy with the gentleman in my subdivision who parked his car in the road while he shoveled out the space he wanted to place it in. Caused me to get stuck. I am not leaving the house today and am hoping it continues to melt. Only eight inches, but tons of trouble!

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Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

That's nothing. ;-) Took me seven hours for my eight mile drive home from the office.