Monday, January 24, 2011

Friendship Sampler

Time to post photos of my mystery friendship sampler. 

Sometime in 2009, the ANG magazine, Needlepointers, published an article about a group of women who stitched together in a group who decided to stitch round robin together. One of my Friday group, the OWLS, members was inspired to suggest that we do the same type of thing.

We set a start date of January 2010 with our pieces to rotate every 6 weeks with idea of displaying them together at our EGA meeting. One member, unfortunately, went back to work full-time and decided she couldn't participate. 

Our stitching area was a paltry 2 inches high by 6 inches wide and we had some limitation on the count of the fabric. 

We each chose a theme and stitched our own band first. Then we bundled up supplies, if we chose to provide supplies, and passed them along to the next person. 

What a hard time we all had not being able to talk to each other about these projects! We had to agonize in private. 

A few months in, when we started to feel bad about our member who wouldn't have a sampler, we decided to stitch one for her! It was pretty easy picking a theme for her - Holidays because her name is Holiday. We each stitched a holiday on her sampler and left Easter open for her to stitch.

My theme was the sea - with things real or imagined. It's stitched on 29 Ct Glenshee linen. I provided two skeins of Glorianna silks and about two dozen colors of Splendor silks. 

My photos start with my band and move down.

Isn't this just the grandest thing? I'm hoping I have time to run off to the framers tomorrow. It shouldn't take too long for the window installers to finish up.


Kelly said...

How nice! I love your theme. You are lucky to play with such a talented group.

Natasha said...

WOW! that is a beautiful piece I especially like the man snorkling :) This turned out great

Margaret said...

Wow! How beautiful is that! You must be so pleased with it! I love it! I took a quick glance at your last crazy 15 post -- and saw that I would be in trouble if I looked too hard. lol! I love those pieces you have there! Hannah Nichols and the other two as well! Good luck with them!

C in DC said...

Wow - that's great.

I know a woman named Holiday who lives sort of in your neck of the woods. I wonder if it's the same person. (She's a librarian/archivist.)

Karen said...

Very pretty! Those must have been fun to work on.

Sara Leigh said...

I love it!