Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day V

I'm kind of blown away looking at all the posts on the CJC and what everyone is stitching. Amazing variety. And some of you are very fast stitchers!

I'm glad I got off to a good start while in NH visiting. And I knew I would bog down as soon as I got home. 

I did not start stitching on yesterday's piece until last night at 9:17. But I started today's piece this morning at 7:45. 

I'm learning things about my stitching habits by participating with this challenge. 

Number one thing I have learned is that I waste far too much time on the computer!!! Mostly doing nothing. 

Which inspires me to publicly state a goal for 2011 - cut back on unnecessary computer use. 

I'll make better use of my time by stitching. 

Photos will be here later. I'm off to shoot some now.  Edit:  photos here now!

Pictured above - Day IV - A Sampler Girl freebie that I'm stitching with Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread. Here's a tip:  if you only have time to stitch one thread or less, make certain you stitch something that will be recognizable to you later! This is the beginning of a ship. I'll know where I am.

Day V - Go Fly a Kite started. I was trying to stitch the outline, but somehow my count is off. Figures. So I started the interior of the kite. This is on Lime Zest with DMC floss. 

Below:  How far I got on Day III. I stitched on the bus to Logan, but read my Nook on the plane home. I really want to continue stitching on this one! It's not fair. 

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Anna van Schurman said...

If you figure out how to do it, let me know!

RuthB said...

Yup, this old computer is a black hole... but it's awfully darn fun too. How else would I get to see your really cool January starts? Good luck with the undecorating, the new resolution, and, of course, the stitching!

Rachel said...

Im with the others. You mush share your findings!

I swear there are times I will set aside to stitch and end up mindlessly surfing and then get upset cause I had wasted a perfect stitching opportunity :)