Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day X and Day XI

Day X of this crazy challenge. This is the Little House Needleworks "All Dolled Up - Snowy Pines." The fabric is Lakeside Linens 32ct Vintage Maple Sugar. The threads are from the thread pack - I believe they are Crescent Colors? and I'm not running up the stairs to check. 

This is my progress at 10:45 a.m. I truly thought I would get back to this on Monday, but I didn't. But I did use my progress to find out how fast I'm stitching. With three different threads, but easy stitching, I can stitch about 160 - 170 stitches an hour. Anyone else ever count? I admit to sometimes have a thing about counting. Not sure when that started. And I don't always do it. But I have been known to calculate the number of stitches in a piece and when I'm bored I'll figure out the percentage stitched. 

Day XI is not worthy of a photo. You're going to have to trust me on this one. It's the Mill Hill Flamingo kit that I'll be making into a pin instead of a magnet. As of right now, all that is stitched is white on the palest of pinks. Waste of my time to take a photo until there is more color on it. 

I have a start for today and tomorrow. But I think I'm changing my plans for the final two days. I might throw in a larger sampler. Or maybe go for two more ornaments. I've giving some thought to whether or not I can accomplish this Challenge in a year. I know I can easily get through 8 or 9. But I've got some other obligations that are going to make this challenge even more challenging. But whatever. I'm having fun. Even if I'm finding all this starting a bit disturbing.  

 View from my back window this morning. Only got about an inch or so of snow. Haven't heard that this morning's EGA meeting is canceled so I assume we're on and I need to get going.


Anna van Schurman said...

That's so funny that you're a counter. It seems like it should be obvious for cross-stitchers. But I'm like the opposite--I get pissed when I have to count!

Kelly said...

My Guild has the Dean of Math from the University of Chicago so hearing about percentages is not at all uncommon to us. A new book is coming out in February about Math and Crafts. Watch my blog, I tested a project and should get a copy when it is released. A funny thing about the book, this is volumn 2. The first one was so wildly popular, they asked the authors for a second book! Who would have thought...