Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day XV - The Final Day

Here we are at the final day of this interesting challenge. Yeah, I am posting a day late, but this is what happened yesterday, January 15th. 

I went upstairs to my studio thinking about what to stitch. I had rejected what I had planned which was one of my handpainted canvases. And had some other ideas for what to pull from my stash. 

But I decided to be fair to all kitted projects. And I went through two containers of kitted projects some of which have everything and some of which have some of the materials. At least I decided not to look at absolutely everything! If I had done that, I'd still be there right now. 

I took seven projects out for consideration. And for those of you who wear glasses, you'll be familiar with my process of elimination. I picked up two and asked my self which one at this moment is better:  A or B. I got myself down to three projects:

From left moving clockwise:

An Essamplaire kit that is a recreation of a piece at Winterthur, "Hannah Nichols." "O Canada Sampler" by The Victoria Sampler. And a Guildhouse Sampler limited edition kit. 

There are reasons these three made the top of the pile. Last year I bought "Hannah Nichols" at Winterthur. It was my first visit to this fabulous place and I hope to make many more. I bought "O Canada" last year at the Stitching Post when I went with a friend and I had found the overdyed thread to go with it. The limited edition kit I bought in December of 2009 at the Loudoun Sampler Guild meeting. I love this piece and though it commemorates a sampler guild in the Carolinas, I have plans on making this piece my own by using to honor where I went to high school. 

It took me about two hours to get this far...

And then I knew I could realistically only pick one. 

And that one is "O Canada." 

The reason is to honor my family history. All my life I've known that part of my maternal grandfather's heritage is French Canadian. And I also knew that part of my paternal grandfather's history involved Nova Scotia. This past autumn the true extent of that Canadian history became much more apparent - genealogy being a wonderful thing. The family came from England to Narragansett Bay in 1671. And in the 1760s moved to Nova Scotia as part of the immigrants who came after the Great Expulsion of the Acadians by the British. 

Here's my progress. I would have gotten more stitched but someone tempted me with a trip to the computer store and dinner at Sweetwater. Two beers later, I wasn't in the mood to stitch when we got home. LOL


RuthB said...

LOL Yes, process takes time, but I bet you enjoyed every single moment. I love all your possibilities, but now that you mention Canadian heritage you make me want to do O Canada too.... turns out I have a family branch that rooted there. Hmmmmm more stash essential.

Karen said...

Loved looking at all the projects you are stitching for the Challenge. Looking forward to seeing the finishes too... happy stitching.

Edy said...

Awe shucks...I won't have the only "O Canada" sampler in the states anymore. I adored doing that piece (I actually bought it in Ontario when we were there for a visit -- I felt so comfortable in that city, but then again, that was then).

My dh doesn't especially like my "alphabets" but it was fun to have him actually read this one!

Donna said...

Edy, I've looking online to see if I might change the one line from the anthem O Canada into the French version. It might work. It might not.