Friday, January 21, 2011


Today is a huge improvement for me. Still coughing, but not 20 times an hour. Which is a good thing as yesterday afternoon I pulled a muscle while coughing. Always a pleasure. I can thank my parents for chain smoking me into poorly functioning lungs. 

Quick update:  I finished adding borders, names, etc. to my friendship sampler. I'll have a photo probably late tomorrow. 

Got an EGA meeting tomorrow at which 3 of us intrepid people are stitching a mystery band sampler. Mine is not finished, but that's okay because we've broken it down into 3 parts. I do love band samplers. This one has a little bit of everything. Truly. Let's see if I can name them all:

cross stitch, reverse cross stitch, marking stitches, long-armed cross, darning patterns, four-sided stitch, pulled four-sided stitch, queen stitch, satin stitch, eyelets, Italian hemstitching, some hardanger, montenegrin, blackwork, bargello, herringbone, rice, smyrnas, standish stitch, and over one stitching. I think that's all of them. Oh yeah, interlacing with the cutwork. Crikey. All this on one little 3 1/2 inch band. 

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Lisa said...

Glad to hear that you are coughing less...something that has help me and the rest of my family is Muscinex. It seems to loosen up the "gunk" in the check w/o any side affects like some of those other cold/flu & cough meds. Just thought I would share that with you. In the meantime, I look forward to viewing a photo of the friendship sampler!
Take care