Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Back to Mt. Vernon

Today it's back to Mt.Vernon. Twice in one week. Amazing. Saturday evening DH and I were there for the candelight tour. Remember how I said it snowed here on Saturday? Well, east of us, right along the Potomac River, it didn't really stick. Basically, we were walking through rather authentic colonial mud.

This was our first time inside the new visitor's center that opened in 2007. We'll have to return another day to view the exhibits. We were the guests of one of George's dentists. As we were waiting inside to begin, we were treated to some magnificent period music while admiring the many Christmas trees and the wonderful model of Mt. Vernon. Then it's time to go outside were the paths are lit by candles and smudge pots. More music, cookies and hot spice cider and chance to visit with Aladdin, the reeanactor camel. George, apparently, was a terrific host and one year rented a camel for his guests' pleasure.

After our muddy walk approaching the house, we entered and were welcomed by George's manservant. Then Mrs. Washington entertained us in the parlor and gave us her recipe for Great Cake which called for 40 eggs! We met Martha's granddaughter, Nelly, in the hallway, a maid upstairs, a doctor in the study, and the cook in the kitchen. Listening to some of the other people on the tour, I would not recommend this as your first visit to Mt.Vernon. This is meant an entertainment, not so much as a fact finding historical tour. We enjoyed ourselves and by the time we left, the snow had ceased and the stars were beginning to appear.

Today I return there with friends for my other EGA chapter's holiday luncheon. (I know - I have another luncheon on Saturday. A party tomorrow night. A party on Sunday. And that's just this week!)

Who has time for wrapping? not to mention stitching.


Lee said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful day! And authentic colonial mud? Too funny. Probably should have been spelled "mudde" or something truly colonial like that.

Donna said...

Mudde! I wish I had thought of it!