Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Still Here

I've got photos to load, but someone deleted Picassa. Not me. Anyway have that little problem nearly resolved and will catch up soon.

Meanwhile, I've been to 4 parties in 8 days. And I've got 2 more this week. Plus a guest for dinner tomorrow night.

Which means I've got to finish decorating.

And all I want to do is sit and stitch. Sigh.


Lee said...

Thanks for the comment Donna! Thanks to you, I've corrected that photo!

AmyNJ said...

You are not alone. All I want to do is sit and stitch too. Would anyone really be upset if I didn't bake cookies? But I guess I'd better do some wrapping, and maybe make sure I'll have some food for my guests. Sigh.

Anna van Schurman said...

That's a lot of doings. I was invited to two parties on one night, and another party the night I was supposed to have a party (which got canceled when we decided to leave for England the day after). So my four parties is one. And it's come and gone. Still not feeling the decorating.

Donna said...

@Amy - I say you can purchase perfectly wonderful cookies. Though I admit that I come from a household that had no Christmas cookie tradition.

Decorating - done.

Wrapping? Shoppping? not hardly. LOL