Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Perspective from December 26th

One of our Christmas gifts - the snow is melting. The ice that was supposed to rain down from the sky never arrived. It is/was all rain. It's a balmy 45 out there right now all the snow is melting. Parking lot battles will soon officially be done.

We had a lovely day yesterday. Everything that I wanted to do, I did. Made two terrific deserts thanks to Julia Child.

Today will be about doing nothing. My darling girl has offered to make dinner - she has this insane mac and cheese recipe. Uber rich. Calls for ten slices of bacon, five kinds of cheese. Okay. Count me in.

And I am sitting here contemplating making Christmas ornaments for everyone next year. I haven't even counted up how many that would be. But I figure if I can stitch three or four every month, I can do a lot. All this shopping, buying, wrapping, mailing - gets me down. And I love the stitched ornaments on my tree. Is this why I have purchased all those ornament cuts of fabric over the years?

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Lee said...

Of course that's why you bought all of those small cuts of fabric! It was meant to be.