Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Waiting for the Gutter Guy

He's an hour late already. I was told he was starting on my house around 8. For those who have the type of house where you can safely clean your own gutters, I say bully for you. That 3 story drop in the back of my townhouse keeps me off the roof and I don't have a ladder long enough for that. Ah for the good old days when Julie and I would put up our respective ladders and race to see who could finish first while the kids and dog played in the front yards. I believe I have used days of my lifespan raking leaves. Then coming back the next day and doing it all over again. And again. I don't miss it.

After the gutter guy comes and goes, I will head off to continue my search for a special product. And maybe head to Bead Obsession to get beads to match my cabochon so I can make a necklace for it.

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