Friday, December 18, 2009

Let It Snow

Because apparently there is nothing I can do to stop it. If I could delay it by a few days, I would.

What goes on here in the metro D.C. area when they forecast a foot of snow is pretty darn amusing to this New Hampshire girl. No shopping carts to be had at Harris Teeter. I had to wait for someone to empty their cart and snag it. I refuse to look at the local news because I won't be able to take the hysteria...

DD is going to have to stay in Massachusetts for a few extra days. She was planning on driving home tomorrow. Bad, bad idea. Sunday won't be any better. So we're looking at Monday.

Boo. We want her home now.


But I've got my supplies and my stitching. And the remainder of the shopping will just have to wait.

Let it snow...


Bonnie said...

Got enough snow yet, Donna?

Lee said...

The national news is telling us that you guys are in for a really big storm! I hope you get to spend it cuddled up with your favorite stitching in hand!