Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What To Do? What To Do?

In breaking news: Here we have a cat paralyzed by a banana!

Why anyone made a catnip stuffed banana is beyond me. But both cats seem to have a fondness for this toy. Elvis doesn't seem to be affected by catnip. But Zoe will come downstairs at night and have a fit over this banana. She'll hiss if Elvis is too close to it. She roll on it briefly, maybe 10-20 seconds. Then run. She is such a spazz.

Next we have the almost perfect pie crust. From Mastering the Art of French Cooking - I present the Pate Sucre Brissee (anyone know how to type accents?) or Sweet Short Paste. This is the recipe I will be using the remainder of my cooking career. Thank you very much, Julia!

Really? Between Blogger and Picassa they had to turn this photo sideways? Sigh. I improved the tree this year by eliminating the tinsel garland and replacing it with poinsettia garland and ribbons. I like this much better.

Had a fun trip to the Stitching Post yesterday. Did not purchase that much...One old Prairie Schooler Santa - the Gardening one from 1993. One Mill Hill Santa - the Southern Cross. And Cherished Stitches "Blueberry Etui." Purchased fabric and fibers for this one - two of the called for threads. And a green colored fabric. Bought some miscellaneous threads. And the Owl pin from Just Nan to go with Humbug I bought a few months ago. Honestly I was very good.

And next door at the Seminole Sampler I bought some small cuts and ultra suede. The fabric is various Christmas/winter pieces for finishing all those ornaments I'm going to stitch, right?!?

Then my friend and I drove off for a wonderful lunch at the Candlelight Inn - a charming upgrade from the sandwich shop we usually visit.

Now what to do today? I think I'll start with trying to stash all my stash back into its allotted space.

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