Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Catching up on Photos

These first two are pictures of my Quaker Diamond in progress. Work is progressing slowly as I deal with all the other things happening this time of year.

All I could really say when I saw this sight was wow! I present you with this photo of 36 perforated paper santas all stitched this year by a lovely lady in the Loudoun Sampler Guild. I asked for permission to take a photo and post it. This makes my lifetime effort with these santas seem totally pathetic as I have completed exactly 6 of them and have 13 more in the stash. Yikes. I am so far behind...

Lastly we have my ornament for the ornie exchange. This is part of someone else's design and my own. I added the Loudoun Sampler Guild in place of the name on the design. Happy with how this turned out.


Lee said...

I love the way you adapted the design for your ornament!

Anna van Schurman said...

The Santas are inspiring. I don't know how many I've finished, but I know I have more in the stash than on the tree!