Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Way I Figure This

I have a comment from Sharlotte DeVere on my post back in November. I'm going to assume she found me maybe by searching for her name or her design name - The Queen Stitch. Welcome, Sharlotte. Glad to see you again. Hope to see you next Saturday at the Loudoun Sampler Guild. I enjoyed listening in to your class last month and am looking forward to someday taking a class with you. I got to see a finished fob yesterday at the Oatlands EGA holiday luncheon. You did mention when I bought the biscornu kit that there should be enough material there to do the fob. And sometime next year I plan to sit down and stitch both of these pieces.

Yesterday was our holiday luncheon and to be certain we were in the proper spirit for the season, it snowed. Unfortunately that kept a few people from attending, but the majority made it through the snow and cold to join in the festivities.

Here's the ornament that I stitched for the exchange:

This was, I believe, a Prairie Schooler freebie once upon a time. It's a tiny chart.

Stitched on some leftover linen that I didn't keep track of the name of with the called for DMC. Finished with cording made from the DMC and In the Burgundies silk ribbon from the Thread Gatherer.

This is my own design. A Rhodes Shamrock Pin that I will be teaching in February for my EGA Chapter. Splendor silks on congress cloth. Jinny Beyer fabric on the back with some white delica beads.

Off to erect a Christmas tree and bedeck and bedazzle it.

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