Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Spent a few hours reorganizing the stash. Unlike some, I don't have an entire room to devote to this and if I don't occasionally take a stab at putting things back where they belong it devolves into total chaos.

The threads are now all back where they belong. The projects - both in progress and kitted - are all together and some are sorted by category. The crewel work is all in one place. The canvases are together, but in multiple places. That's the fault of the stretchers bars. The three big pieces in progress are together, but not with anything else. But I'm confident I could find whatever I am looking for - at least for right now.

Still need to comb through the Elfa bins. The top two drawers of each unit have become a sort of catch all. And I'm determined to organize them. And quick look through the fabric drawers wouldn't hurt. And patterns and magazines are another thing entirely. So are books.

What I need is some add-on here to count my projects in several categories. Does anyone know of one? When I google search all I find are hit counters for tracking visitors.

To begin:

My headstart are divulging my stash:

My list of perforated paper Santa kits yet to be stitched:

From the Willmaur Corporation - Heirloom Santas:
the Baker Santa and the Equine Santa

From the Janlynn Collector's Series -
Kodiak Santa, Aleutian Santa, Yukon Santa, and Kris Kringle

Bucilla - Needles 'N Hoops - Noel Santa

Mill Hill - Starlight Santas - the Southern Cross Santa
Medieval Santas - Avignon Santa
Appalachian Santa - Smoky Mt. and Blue Ridge Santas
Rocky Mt. Santa - Beartooth, Teton, and Pike's Peak

That's 14 perforated paper Santas. I have one in progress somewhere. One stitched, but not finished, and five on the tree.

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