Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saturday S.E.X.

Like my stash needed enhancing...but I couldn't resist. Honestly.

I went the Loudoun Sampler Guild's Holiday potluck on Saturday with friends. Oh did we have a great time. In fact, we might have been the loudest table there. Thanks to a story about a dog. But, I digress. And I don't want to interrupt any one's holiday sleep with nightmares.

There were several designers and one shop present as vendors. I started with one piece of Catherine Jordan hand-dyed linen. It's 30 count Ulster linen large enough to accommodate whatever sampler I choose to stitch next.

Then I moved on and decided that I really did need Little House Needleworks Fa-La-La ornament. And thanks to the astute shopping of my friend, Kathy, I also got the last copy of Joyeux Noel by Blackbird Designs. Sixteen designs. I want to stitch nearly every one of them!

Sat down had a nosh. And then continued shopping again. This time I decided that the Queenstown Sampler Designs' Quaker Friends needed to jump into my bag. This is one of Barbara's original samplers and if you look closely you'll see her signature white squirrel in motif on the top right. At this point in time, I am certain that I can't have too many Quaker inspired pieces. More on this later.

At the next table I found that someone had done my work for me. Last September I jotted a note to myself that has been sitting beside my computer. It said plaid pumpkin. And here they are already designed. Samplers Revisited Tartan Pumpkins. Now I don't have to design my own, unless I really, really want to.

Unfortunately I can't show you my biggest purchase - Pamela Darney of Sampler Guild House's Garden Gate Sampler. This is an original Quaker design by Pam done for a guild. Limited edition. I bought the last kit. Can't show it to you because she doesn't have her website up and working yet. And I google image it and found nothing. But trust me. This piece is magnificent.

For added enjoyment I got a copy of the Sampler and Antique Needlework Vol. II book in the gift swap. And - an ornament stitched by Sue Jennings, former owner of Needlewoman East and stitcher extraordinaire. How happy am I?

For the past year or two some of you may have been reading about the dabbles into Quaker stuff I have had. Right now, I am full-blown into it. I'm working on our guild challenge piece that was designed by Pam Darney. A Quaker Diamond. She gave us dimensions, motifs, and then challenged us to see what we could produce. I'm working with Belle Soie on Lakeside Linen and every stitch on this piece is such a pleasure.
Not just a little bit of pleasure. A great big tremendous pleasure. A joy and a pleasure. That silk just glides through the linen like water over marble. I'm in love. With my stitching. There. I've said it. LMAO!

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