Monday, December 28, 2009

On the Goals and Deadlines Front

Because it is that time of year when we talk of things we'd like to do or change or accomplish in the coming new year, I have decided to publicly state a few things instead of just letting them rattle around in my own head.

Stitching goals: Immediate goals within reach - My Quaker Diamond Sampler - which I continue to make progress on. And I have a special little project that I've decided is within reach of finishing in time for Woodlawn. I bought a doll-sized deck chair this past year. I have the fabric and threads to stitch a new seat for it. I believe a canvas version of one of these was at ANG National Seminar a few years ago. Which is what prompted me to purchase that deck chair when I saw it in a thrift shop.

Blogging goals: use more labels! use more photos - which means take more photos.

Near term project: this is for both stitching and blogging. I am going to follow Jeanne's lead at Just String and start posting photos and details of all works in progress. This may take more than the month of January. When I'm finished, I'll have a detailed account of everything started and will move on to everything kitted.

Will this morph into another year of stitching from my stash? When I did this a few years ago, my rule was that I was not allowed to purchase any new projects without finishing an old project. I was allowed to buy fibers and fabric, etc. to finish what I already had. Maybe it will become a less new projects bought year. We'll see how it develops, but it seems I'm not ready to totally commit to this idea.

Tomorrow - off to the Stitching Post's annual inventory reduction sale with a couple of friends.

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Lee said...

Oh how I wish I could go with you to the Stitching Post! Even though I don't need a thing, I'm sure I'd still find something to take home ;)