Friday, January 15, 2010

Haircut and UFOs 14 and 15

Here is where my hair was on Wednesday evening.

Looks pretty good like that. But. I have hair issues. The hair which grows from the top of my head is straight. The rest is wavy or curly. And it's curlier on the right than it is on the left. And this is all a recent development. My hair was always fairly straight. Until about 10 or so years ago. Which means I now have the hair types of both of my parents - on one head.

That makes it: fine and thick. Straight and curly and wavy. Good luck with that combo.

I wish the curl was everywhere. Once I tried perming the rest to match my curls, but no dice. My hair never did take well to perms, though my grandmother certainly made many attempts at the Toni home perms.

And straightening the curls to match the straight hair does not work either. I have so much hair in the back that it takes forever to straighten with either a blow dryer or hair iron.

My solution of choice was often the pony tail. How graceful and elegant a hairstyle is that on a 49 year old.

I've gone lighter on the color. Not certain if the shade is exactly right for my skin. But we'll have every 5-6 weeks to work on that. The back just needs a little product and scrunching, no drying.

The front. In a day or two, I can wash it and play. Then we'll know the true value of this haircut. But I'm pleased that I'm not horrified. And the hair wizard who cut this can be grateful that I didn't just sit there laughing hysterically which I have been known to do when cutting 12+ inches off my hair.

Carriage House Samplings "Dainty House Wren" in the dark colorway. On Ink Spot. Love the fabric. Love the colors. But at this point I was working on three different piece on black. Only finished one of the them - The Goode Huswife's "Full Moon." The other unfinished one was the "Black Forest" piece which I've already shown here. So this one really fell by the wayside on that stitchy highway. It's barely been begun. But I still like it. And have several more Carriage House pieces kitted.

Ah. Now we get interesting. I bought Indigo Roses' "Catherine Agnes" from an online store right after it was published. (This was early 2000s when I was not living in stitching paradise.) When I finally got to a needlework store, I was disappointed to find the colors did not match the photo. The photo reads bright, but the colors are pastel. I have spent the years since trying to find threads more to my liking. I have everything. Except that brown/yellow still does not work. I've already ripped that inner square out once (do you know how many threads were anchored there?)And I am on the verge of ripping it again. I've found one thing that may be a slight improvement.


I can attempt to dye my own. Stayed tuned to see how this one turns out. It could be a quite an adventure.


Bonnie said...

Absolutely LOVE the haircut! Did you give the 12" to Locks of Love. PLEASE, say YES!

Anna van Schurman said...

I like your haircut! Looks great. Much more dignified than a ponytail. I wish I had the kind of hair you could just spritz with product and scrunch, even if it were just in the back. Lucky you.

C in DC said...

Great haircut! I hope it's a lot easier for you to manage.